Tuesday, October 17, 2017


During my last week at work a traveler who didn't even purchase tickets to visit the museum I work at gifted me this beautiful piece of amethyst. Whilst trying to convince him he might like to see the exhibits, he produced a polished piece of labradorite from his pocket. It was gorgeous, but I joked I couldn't pay the fifty bucks he was asking, he went back to the carpark and upon returning to the reception desk asked me to open my hand. I was so shocked he had been so generous I never even had the chance to thank him! In any case, he quickly went to drive away before I could come to grips with the situation.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Wearing: Romance Was Born top, vintage skirt from TrendListr, Sophia Webster butterfly heels and Marina Fini choker.

When's the last time you threw caution to the wind and simply went with your gut instinct? Was it when you spoke up and contributed at your last team meeting or choosing to eat something you've never tried at dinner last night? It doesn't take much to introduce little changes into our lives to ensure that we keep growing, but it can become all too common that we fall into patterns. Unsurprisingly I see the biggest patterns and sameness occurring in our closets and wardrobes. How often have you discovered two items of clothing you own are near identical? Here's a thought, the next time you catch yourself out and experience déjà vu ask yourself why you've fallen into the same pattern and is there a deeper underlying issue at play? Of course, no judgement if you order the same smoothie every time because you don't want to experience disappointment.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Take a chance

Chanel has finally given their Chanel Chance campaign a much needed update. As much as I love the Hillary Duff for Disney Chanel aesthetic of the 00's campaign, there's a refreshing twist and a La La Land feel about the more recent ad. Thankfully they've omitted the romantic narrative and instead four girls are bowling with perfume bottles instead (not that there's anything wrong with Ryan Gosling).

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Wearing: White off shoulder shirt, Asos skirt and River Island gold mules. 

There's no sign of the warmer weather letting up, which normally causes a minor identity crisis. This year I'm content to explore different combinations and really explore the potential of certain pieces within my wardrobe. This off the shoulder top is something I've gotten a lot of wear out of, and is easy to pair with jeans during the day and a skirt and heels for something like a barbecue or dinner with friends. It's also something I feel super comfortable wearing, which is perfect when trying to focus on a conversation instead of looking at my phone.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Duckie Thot

She's the Australian model who called out the industry for what it is; racist. Nyadak Thot, or Duckie as she prefers, is a model of South-Sudanese heritage ultimately placed third in the eighth cycle of Australia's Next Top Model. But the 21-year-old didn't see her career take off until after moving to New York.  You might have seen her on the runway at Yeezy Season 4, Jeremy Scott, closing the Naeem Khan Spring 2017 or walking in the Fenty x Puma show in Paris. But believe it or not, she was struggling to get work and also had the nasty experience of having to cornrow her own hair at Top Model due to the inept ability of hair stylists on set. Since speaking out about her experience in an Instagram post, Thot's rawness and honesty has attracted over 17,000 likes and 1,600 comments. That attention doesn't make up for her experiences, and those of other black models working within the industry but what is certain is that if she's managed to achieve so much within the space of a year, she has a bright future ahead of her.

 As much as I do love Australia, there comes a time when we as consumers must demand more from advertisers and companies that representation matters, and accept partial blame for the white-washing that goes on within our society. How many more black models will have their careers brought to its knees, or worse, find themselves forced out of the industry before they can even develop and grow? And how many more top models will Australia lose overseas because we're ten years behind our contemporaries in terms of demanding diversity within advertising?

Monday, October 9, 2017

Sophia Webster Spring 2018

Without fail I eagerly anticipate what Sophia Webster will do next. The accessory designer's career has gone from strength to strength, with the opening of her boutique on Mount Street following a grant from the British Fashion Council in collaboration with Vogue Fashion Fund in March, 2016. If we step into the way back machine and visit Webster's Spring 2014 collection at London Fashion Week four years ago, the theme of the presentation is very similar but over the past four years she's really developed and grown. Like previous collections, her presentation consisted of a surreal installation featuring sprite like creatures among a bed of flowers and dandelions. Although this theme has previously been explored by Webster, the tones are much more muted and the presentation lacks the underground party vibe we've seen in the past. One possible explanation is that motherhood has changed Sophia Webster's aesthetic. While I hate reducing women down to the arbitrary labels of mothers, virgins or whores she spoke last season about the influence of Frozen and other pop culture consumer by her then two-year-old daughter and its influences on her creative process. It would therefore seem naive to discount this narrative and the differences in this collection when compared to her earlier body of work. 

As one would expect, there are the usual beaded silk purses with witty one-liners with polished wooden handles, the perfect clutch accompanying the most stunning pair of wooden clogs. Deep down, I'm a Man Repeller at heart, and there are very few things in this world men hate more than a pair of wooden clogs. These aren't your normal pair of sandals, no, no there's rose gold accents and an acrylic block wedged between the heel hiding the silhouette of a fairy. As per usual, Sophia Webster serves us all the things little girls and women in their thirties dream of. Her pieces live up to the expectations we all have from Cinderella's glass slipper on the transformative power of a good pair of shoes (and the right purse too!) The biggest surprise though came from a generously big tote bag with canvas woven handle and scraps of ribbons knotted and twisted into various abstract shapes and forms. Since stumbling across a stash of colourful ribbons I've had ideas about decorating denim jackets and bodysuits, with this tote a continuation of the same theme. It's electric when one of your favourite designers seems to read your mind and creates something in parallel with your own thoughts and ideas.